Shawnigan: an extraordinary place with extraordinary people

I am so amazed and impressed by the Shawnigan community. This Friday marks two weeks since the EAB decision was announced. Over the last two weeks, I have seen the community pull together, pull up its socks, and pull out all the stops to get the message out that Shawnigan’s future does not include a contaminated soil dump.

Shawnigan’s future does include mountain bikers, hikers, runners, and walkers come from all over the world to explore our trail and park network, and to swim in our beautiful lake.

Shawnigan’s future is one in which our thriving local businesses continue to provide goods and services that highlight the amazing talent and resources of our local community, nurtured by the extraordinary service of the owners and staff.

Shawnigan’s future will be full of the ongoing festivals, celebrations, events, and gatherings that we already enjoy every month of the year.

Shawnigan’s future is very bright, and as a community we are defending that future with every letter we write, every name we add to the petition, and every ally we bring on board in our fight to preserve the incredible community that we have.

Do not lose hope – not for one moment. We will win this battle because we are on the side of right, and we are a community that is very determined to ensure that our future is healthy and vibrant.