Curbside Collection Survey – What’s happening?

At the direction of the Electoral Area Services Committee, CVRD staff are conducting surveys in the nine Electoral Areas in the CVRD, asking for input on curbside collection of garbage and organics.

Currently, some Electoral Areas (A, B, C, and H) have private service providers collecting garbage and organics (in A, B, C, and parts of D, the service is provided by PAN Disposal:  In the other Electoral Areas, CVRD does curbside pick up of garbage, and in all Electoral Areas, CVRD picks up recycling.

Information is available about curbside collection and the survey on the CVRD website:

In Shawnigan, the surveys will go out on all blue recycling bins in January 2016.

On February 1st, at Shawnigan Lake Community Centre at 7:00 pm there will be a meeting at which both PAN and CVRD will be making presentations, and input from residents will be invited. 

At this time, there is no consensus among the Electoral Area Service Committee Directors about the best path forward – some of us want the current arrangement to stay as is, while others are inclined toward change.

I encourage you to provide feedback not just through surveys and meetings, but you can also email me at

I assure you that it is always my intention to invite input, encourage discussion, and take direction from the community.