Make it stop

It’s raining, and I can’t sleep.

I can’t sleep for all the images in my head.  Images of water running off the ever-growing mountain of soil that’s coming from Port Moody’s Pacific Coast Terminals and being dumped in our watershed.  I see the water going into the tiny cracks all over the SIA site, making its way down to the bottom of the pit at the southwest corner, and rushing out into the stream that feeds our lake.

soil mountain.jpg

The soil is laden with sulphur, sodium, and chlorides – as well as hydrocarbons and heavy metals.

The water flowing out of the site and into the ephemeral stream has sulphur, sodium, and chlorides.  We can see that from the Ministry of Environment water samples.

sulphur, sodium, chlorides

What does this tell me?  Eight months into this ill-begotten permit, water that is coming into contact with the contaminated soil is going directly into our watershed – no containment, no treatment, no testing.  It is flowing unimpeded into the stream on the edge of the property.  A stream that flows into Shawnigan Creek, which flows into Shawnigan Lake.

This is exactly what we learned from the Thurber Engineering report that was released on Tuesday.

Thurber 1

(A link to the report is here – attachment A is the Thurber report.)

That would explain the empty settling pond.

settling pond.jpg

Every morning the trucks arrive, bringing more soil laden with sulphur, sodium, and chrorides to our watershed.

foggy trucks

Every morning citizens of Shawnigan Lake get up and head up the mountain on Stebbings Rd to try to stop the trucks that are dumping this material into our watershed.  Every morning the police eventually come and slowly shepherd the trucks in to the site.

trucks 2

The question that none of us can stop asking is why won’t the Ministry of Environment put an end to this?  What more will it take to stop this insanity?

trucks 4

This is our home.  This is our water.  This is our community.

This has to stop.