Stand With Shawnigan Wednesday, January 6th

The community of Shawnigan continues to stand up for our water, and on January 6th, we invite everyone to stand with us.

Fact:  The BC provincial government has approved a contaminated landfill at the headwaters of Shawnigan’s Designated Community Watershed, which supplies drinking water for 12,000 people.

Fact:  The Shawnigan community has been vehemently opposed to this proposal from the very beginning, and we do not accept the risk this site poses to our water, our community, and our future.

Fact: While the BC government says that the “science” makes this site safe, the reality is that only one engineering company – the company paid by the site owners – claims the site is safe.  This is the same company that made significant errors in its assessment of the site.  Ten independent scientists have raised serious concerns about the location, the geology, the hydrogeology, the water treatment system, and the engineering at the site.

Fact: There are currently two BC Supreme Court cases active right now, one disputing the legality of the facility based on local land-use bylaws the second disputing the decision of the Environmental Appeal Board.  Yet the BC government allows dumping to continue while these cases make their way through the courts.

On Wednesday, January 6th we are inviting media and politicians to Shawnigan Lake for the opportunity to see the contaminated landfill and the two adjacent lakes – Shawnigan Lake and Sooke Lake – from the air.

We also want to demonstrate our significant opposition to the site, and we invite all people to stand with us in a peaceful demonstration on the side of Stebbings Road, across the road from the landfill site, beginning at 9 am.

map to stebbings

For more information on what’s happening in Shawnigan Lake, please see:

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