A good step in the right direction

Congratulations to the Shawnigan Residents Association for their BC Supreme Court victory today, and thank you to SRA lawyers Sean Hern and Robert Anderson for their hard work and commitment to the Shawnigan community.

Thank you also to all who have helped in all aspects this effort – the fundraisers, the petition with 15,000 signatures, the early morning protests, the endless meetings, the daily monitoring of the site, the tweets, the posts, helicopter day, the support of the local schools, the photos, the videos, the demonstrations, the rallies at the legislature, the support from our MLAs and MPs, the letters, the articles, and most of all the commitment to work together as a community – we have shown what can be accomplished when we decide to stand together. It has been an epic effort by the Shawnigan community, and we should all be proud of what we’ve accomplished together.

This ordeal started over four and a half years ago, and the SRA has never wavered in its efforts to have the permit overturned. Thanks to the SRA, we have several expert reports that have been the foundation of our evidence that this site is unsuitable for a contaminated landfill, and thanks to the SRA, we have a BC Supreme Court decision today that reinforces all that we have been saying for years.

I am so very grateful for the leadership that SRA President Calvin Cook has shown, and for the uncountable hours of work so many have put into the#SaveShawniganWater efforts. It’s not the end of this saga, but it’s a important step toward our ultimate goal of revoking the permit and removing the contaminated soil from the site.